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BFH-Bag Filter Housing

The bag filter has many advantages such as reasonable structure, good sealing, strong circulation, and easy operation. In particular, the side leakage rate of the filter bag is small, the filtration accuracy can be correctly ensured, and the filter bag can be quickly changed, so that the operation cost is lowered. The inner and outer surfaces of the filter are mechanically blasted and polished, which is average and easy to clean.


  • Product Description

Product Description

BFH-Bag Filter Housing

Daily use
The filtration system in the work should always check the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet. When the pressure difference reaches 0.05-0.1Mpa, the filter bag should be replaced in time to avoid the pressure difference is too large and the filter bag is broken and the support net is damaged.

Second, correctly open the filtered filter cover
Warning: Do not open the cover under pressure in the bag filter, otherwise the remaining liquid may be ejected and cause fluid loss and personal injury.
Therefore, please strictly follow the sequence below:
1. Close the input valve; close the output valve when there is pressure at the outlet.
2. Confirm that the pipe connected to the exhaust valve has been connected to the safety or suction port (except when filtering toxic and corrosive liquids), then open the exhaust valve to prevent the liquid from harming the workers and the surrounding environment. Pollution.
3. Check the pressure gauge to determine that the internal pressure is 0. At this point the bag filter should be separated from the piping system.
4. If there is a drain valve, confirm that the drain liquid is connected to the recovery point and open the drain valve; the remaining liquid in the bag filter is drained through the drain valve, and the drain valve is closed. This discharge can be done in a pressurized manner (please refer to the pressurized discharge process).
5. Unscrew the top cover and lift the upper cover. The multi-bag filter needs to be rotated through a certain angle.
Third, replace the filter bag
1. High-efficiency filter bags are made of fine fibers, which are less hydrophilic. The surface of the fiber is not wetted by water, so as with other filter elements that use the same material, it is wetted with other liquids with a lower surface tension before use. Before installation, you must immerse the filter bag in the pre-wetting solution that matches the filtered liquid for a few minutes.
2. Open the top cover of the bag filter.
3. Stabilize the top cover and carefully remove the filter bag.
4. Put in a new filter bag, please refer to the installation process.
Fourth, monitoring the quality of filtration
When the liquid input pressure is stable, the filtration quality is closely related to the pressure difference in the filter bag. If the pressure difference is too large, the filter pore size of the filter bag is blocked and the filtration speed is lowered. Therefore, we recommend that when the bag filter starts working, the pressure difference should be checked regularly, and the pressure difference displayed by the front and rear pressure gauges should be used to determine the time to replace the filter bag. Generally, the filter bag can withstand a pressure of 0.5-1Kg/cm2 (0.05- About 0.1Mpa), when the pressure difference reaches this interval, the filter bag should be replaced in time to avoid the filter bag from rupturing and affecting the filtration effect.If the pressure differential drops suddenly, stop the filtration immediately and check for leaks.
Five, pressurized discharge residual liquid
When filtering high-viscosity liquids, compressed air can be introduced into the exhaust valve to accelerate the discharge of residual liquid and shorten the waiting time. Its device is shown in the figure. Please note: The air used for pressurized discharge must be stable and the pressure should not exceed the working pressure of the filter.
The steps are as follows:
1. Close the input valve.
2. Open the intake valve.
3. The gas is introduced into the bag filter to pressurize the remaining liquid.
4. Check the outlet pressure gauge to verify that the gauge pressure is equal to the compressed air pressure; verify that no liquid is flowing out of the outlet.
5. Close the intake valve.
6. Slowly open the exhaust valve; the outlet of the exhaust valve has a residual liquid that must be directed to a safe place or filter suction port.
7. When the compressed air is exhausted, close the exhaust valve. At this point, there should be no pressure inside the filter, and the cover can be opened.
Six, cleaning bag filter
If Shanghai Runhe Bag Filter continues to filter the same liquid, it does not need to be cleaned. However, if other types of liquid are filtered, it is necessary to clean the machine before use.





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