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Activated carbon filters play an important role in dyeing wastewater treatment!

In the China Cotton Textile Industry Association’s strong advocacy, yarn-dyed enterprises continue to work, tube yarn equipment,mechanical water filter chemical additives business under the strong assistance, the yarn dyeing bath is declining, the current industry best level up to 1: 3 ~ 1: 5, small bath than the dyeing process in the size of the yarn-dyed enterprises in the penetration rate has also been greatly improved, greatly reducing the amount of polluted yarn drying.

With the continuous segmentation of the yarn-dyed fabric market, the difference in market demand is increasing, the type of cheese dyeing is also increasing, the composition of waste water is more and more complex, so as to bring some difficulties to the wastewater treatment. Dyeing wastewater water is large, the water quality varies with the use of different dyes, including pulp, dyes, additives, surfactants, generally strong alkaline, high color, COD is much higher than the BOD Biochemical poor.
In the physical treatment method to solve the dyestuff wastewater application is the most adsorption method, the activated carbon, clay and other porous substances in the powder or particles mixed with waste water, or waste water through its particles composed of filter bed, the waste water pollutants Is adsorbed on the surface of the porous substance or is removed by filtration.

At present, the main use of activated carbon adsorption method (mostly for tertiary treatment), Cartridge filter housingthe law is very effective in removing dissolved organic matter in water, but it can not remove colloids and hydrophobic dyes in water, and it only on cationic dyes, direct dyes, Acid dyes, reactive dyes and other water-soluble dyes have good adsorption properties.

Activated carbon adsorption rate, BOD removal rate, COD removal rate of 93%, 92% and 63%, activated carbon adsorption capacity can reach 500mgCOD / g carbon, sewage, such as aeration, will accelerate the adsorption rate. But if the waste water BOD5> 200mg / L, then use this method is not economical. Adsorption treatment used a variety of adsorbents, engineering need to consider the selectivity of the adsorbent on the dye, should be based on the quality of wastewater to select the adsorbent. The results show that the removal rate of anionic dyes can reach 95% ~ 100% with silicones (methyloxy) as adsorbents in the dyeing wastewater with pH = 12.

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